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There are four ways to register:
  • Compete with a partner. Sign up as a dynamic duo.
  • Compete solo. Register as an individual competitor and let us match you with a teammate!
  • Be a spectator. Buy a ticket to cheer on your favorite team from the sidelines.
  • Volunteer. Sign up for a shift to help us make it all happen!

Donations can be added to any of the four tickets types. Lastly, please read our policies below to make sure our event is a good fit for you. See you on the lawn!

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Our Policies


  1. SPIRIT. You agree to compete, participate, and communicate with a good, positive spirit, displaying respect for everyone else on-site. Disrespectful or offensive behavior will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the event.
  2. FULL PARTICIPATION. Competitors should only register if able to commit to the full event. This means playing all five lawn games over the course of about three hours. Competing partially will mess up the rotations and create an unfair playing field for everyone. An optional social gathering will follow the rotation of five lawn games and award ceremony. Spectators can come and go as they like.
  3. COMPETE AND ATTEND AT YOUR OWN RISK. Legends of the Lawn, its partners, and the City of Raleigh are not responsible for any injury or damages associated with your participation in the event.
  4. AGE LIMIT FOR COMPETITORS. You must be 18 years of age or older to register as a competitor.
  5. NON-COMPETITORS MUST REGISTER. People of any age (including under 18) may attend as spectators or volunteers, but must still be registered to do so. This is because we have an attendance limit on our event permit with the City of Raleigh and need an accurate headcount.
  6. NO CHILD CARE PROVIDED. Competitors should arrange for child care on-site as needed. Competitors must be focused on competing, and must not be considered responsible for any children while they are competing.
  7. COSTUMES. Competitors should arrive and compete in costumes or otherwise fun outfits. You don’t need to have an elaborate or store-bought costume, but at least wear something outside your normal daily attire. Costume themes for each duo are encouraged. Costumes for spectators are encouraged but not required. Just express yourself!
  8. DANCING. Dancing while competing is highly encouraged. It’s also really fun.
  9. BRING YOUR OWN FOOD, BEVERAGES, AND SEATING. No food, beverages, or seating will be provided or sold on site. We hope to offer this in future events.
  10. CITY REGULATIONS. Participants must adhere by all City of Raleigh laws and regulations while on site.
  11. PATIENCE. Legends of the Lawn 2022 is our first event! We consider it an early beta test for what we ultimately believe this could become, so we won’t get everything right. We know we’ll make mistakes and learn a lot, and appreciate your understanding (and feedback and ideas!) as we work through kinks.

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