Compete in lawn games…in costumes…while dancing…for a good cause. Vie for glory at Legends of the Lawn!

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Lawn Games  /   Costumes  /  Dancing  /  Fundraising  /  Community 

Lawn Games  /   Costumes  /  Dancing  /  Fundraising  /  Community 

Lawn Games  /   Costumes  /  Dancing  /  Fundraising  /  Community 

Lawn Games  /   Costumes  /  Dancing  /  Fundraising  /  Community 

Lawn Games  /   Costumes  /  Dancing  /  Fundraising  /  Community 

Lawn Games  /   Costumes  /  Dancing  /  Fundraising  /  Community 

How it works


Sign up as a duo or individual costumed competitor, as a spectator, or as a volunteer.


Spend a few hours playing lawn games, or cheering on your favorite team and watching the glory unfold.


Help raise money for great local organizations and make new friends.

The Format

Let's get in formation

Dynamic Duos

Teams of two will compete in a series of five lawn games. Each team will play all five games, dressed in themed costumes or fun outfits they choose.

Color Wars

Each duo is assigned to one of four color teams, and earns points for their duo AND for their larger color team. Each color is “playing for” a different local nonprofit organization.


Awards are given to the top three duos, with the winning team receiving THE GOLDEN MALLET. The winning color team’s charity will receive the largest share of the donation pool.

The Games

Game on

Each team of two will play all five games in rotation. Rules will be explained on-site and no experience is necessary. EVERY POINT COUNTS!


Italian lawn bowling


American bag tossing


French ball whacking


Precision disc tossing


Viking block knocking

About LotL

After years of isolation and despair, we felt an increasingly strong desire to experience connection, joy, and full self-expression after so much time spent apart. As longtime Raleigh residents, we also felt a responsibility to actively contribute to building and maintaining a weird, creative culture as our city grows. And as lifelong lawn game lovers, we believe in the power of friendly, accessible competition to bring people together for a common purpose. Oh, and we love dressing up and dancing! We put all these things into a metaphorical blender, and Legends of the Lawn was born. We can't wait for you to help create it with us.

Our values

Legends of the Lawn was founded upon five core values that drive our work and the experiences we strive to create. As people who live, work, and play in Raleigh, we also believe in actively contributing toward a future for our city that expresses these values.


We value experiences that bring brightness and happiness to people’s lives.


We value opportunities for people to fully express themselves in the company of others.


We value environments where every person feels seen, respected, and appreciated.


We value the feelings of fellowship that come from finding and building common ground.


We value making contributions toward the pressing needs facing our society.

Our Community Partners

Donation recipients for this year's event

In selecting partners for our first event, we chose locally-rooted organizations aligned with our values where relatively small donations and increased awareness could make a particularly strong impact. For future events with more time and resources, we plan to have a more open, engaged process for organizations to apply and be selected for partnership, prioritizing equity and access.

The color team with the most points from across all five games will earn the largest share of the donation pool (40%) for their organization. The remaining recipient organizations will receive smaller shares of the pool based on their color teams' performance.

Team Orange

Arts Access

NC nonprofit that creates a positive impact at the intersection of arts, education and disability.

Team Blue

A Place at the Table

Raleigh’s first pay-what-you-can cafe, providing community and good food for all regardless of means.

Team Yellow

Healing Transitions

Raleigh treatment center offering innovative peer-based, recovery-oriented services to homeless, uninsured and underserved individuals with alcoholism and other drug addictions.

Team Pink

TheGifted Arts

NC nonprofit that transforms the lives of youth through culturally responsive artistic experiences.

Other Partners

Triangle Lawn Games

Provider of affordable lawn games that started in Raleigh and has grown nationally. Rent games from TLG for your next event!

A.J. Fletcher Foundation

The A.J. Fletcher Foundation works to improve the lives and well-being of
all North Carolinians.

Dix Park Conservancy

The Dix Park Conservancy is a nonprofit that serves as the philanthropic and community engagement partner for the City of Raleigh in ensuring the creation and long-term success of Dorothea Dix Park as a place for everyone.

Placemaking Raleigh

Placemaking Raleigh is an initiative of Placemaking Studio that is inspiring Raleigh residents to create joyful community places.

Oaks & Spokes

Oaks and Spokes is a cycling advocacy organization on a mission to promote a sustainable and equitable transportation model for Raleigh. Ride in style to Legends of the Lawn and park at their bike valet station!

The Team

Lawn Care Professionals

Jake Levitas

Jake Levitas is an urban planner and community organizer passionate about creating equitable and sustainable cities. He’s been dancing since before he could walk and will play bocce anytime, anywhere.

Allison Grubbs

Allison Grubbs, LCSW, LCAS, CCS is a former art teacher who is now a clinical social worker and addictions specialist with a private practice in downtown Raleigh. She’s read all of Brené Brown’s books, and her favorite lawn game is croquet.

Gino Reyes

Gino Reyes is a consulting independent creative director that specializes in branding. Some of the brands he designed and helped create include the City of Raleigh, Raleigh Pride, and (Ish) Delicatessen just to name a few. Currently, he is an AVP Design Principal at LPL Financial. He lives and works in Raleigh with his wife Nikelle and his daughter Kirin.

Flo Lumsden

Flo Lumsden, a proud Raleigh native, loves everything disco, dance, and social cause related. Flo has worked in several industries in various communications roles but found her profession in video production. She loves telling true stories of both the serious and silly kind and had a BLAST making the first promotional video for LOTL. Check out more of her work at

Jonathan Pratt

Jonathan Pratt is a freelance graphic and web designer in Raleigh. He splits his time with the Hospitality industry by managing a local bar. He spends his free time drinking iced coffee with his girlfriend, Lily, during any season. Lawn game of choice: Croquet.